2018 and the fonts you rode in on

Merry new year and happy celebrations. It’s time once again to take stock of our projects and reorganize our planners. I’m making some big changes in my life this year and that’s not just the “new year resolution” talking. For real, I have some big things cooking in my life and will spend the next few months getting my pens in a row.
For now, let’s talk about fonts. I finally made a couple and I think I’m ready to show them.

First up is BitchFace. It’s rough and toothless (that’s a Kentucky Fried movie reference, kids). It’s based on my hand made lettering I used for flyers (when I was actively in a band…but that’s a story for another time ) so I kept it pretty rough. There still a few bugs to work out but I added a few fun alternate glyphs for certain letters.

Next is DeadLetters. It was intended for the lettering in my Font House logo. Am I a font house now, you ask? No but while looking into making these I thought I needed to be  so I worked on that angle and made a font solely for my company.
Same as BitchFace, This a tough and ruthless (finishing the joke) font based on a shaky hand style. Though it was just intended for about 8 different letter uses, the rest of it came out pretty good, in my opinion.

Why make an entire font for just a logo? That’s a good question considering how time consuming making a basic font becomes. I try to work three steps ahead of everything and figured if I WAS going to move forward with font house, having a complete set for advertising and complimenting the logo, would be smart.
And for real, making a respectable font is TOUGH. I mean, mine is just a basic attempt but on top of creating so much and showing respect to TRUE font creators, building in the programs is EXTREMELY challenging for the “tourist” font creator.

So while these serve me and my needs, I am still debating offering them for sale or use. Like I said, they still have some kinks to work out so I would hate to offer a “janky” font. I mean do you REALLY want something from a guy that keeps janky in his wheel house of description. ……… exactly. 😉