Well here we are in your earth year 2020 and it’s time to catch you up.
Let me tell you about my summer vacation.

Just kidding, I’m just here to talk about where we’re going for the 20 and 20.

I’ve decided to incorporate my digital skills into my web presence. I’ve kept them separate for years and posted my paintings and hand created designs here, while keeping my digital skills on a separate, “professional” site.
I think it’s now time to become the international conglomerate of DiabloTexas Esquire, sending any clients, inquisitive parties and internet trolls to this one location to find me or stalk my designs.

So things are going to change around here to included graphic design, digital illustrations and even 3D elements, as my abilities and art degree dictates.
It’s time to make some electronic changes and keep up with the digital magic that’s in the air.