3D modeling and design

While going to school for graphic design, I fell into the 3D modeling program leaning towards concept design. I know, EVERYONE can do 3D modeling these day but remember, I’m old. This wasn’t as prevalent back then. Since then, I’ve kept my chops up, using my skills for good, rather than evil and take advantage of having this skill under my belt

My first job out of school was working for a furniture company. I didn’t realize there were SO many more uses for 3D modeling outside of the gaming industry (that’s mostly what everyone in school was trying to do) so it was a real eye opener of the possibilities of this skill’s potential.

That led to designing my own “designer toy”. A friend wanted to make one but was discouraged by the costs to have it done over sees, so I looked into making one and found the glory of 3D printing and resin casting.
Again, I know EVERYONE does it now but this was when it was JUST starting to get everyone’s attention.
So I designed a “platform toy” for creators to customize and built a rotocast machine to simplify the labor.

I got to use ALL of my skills: graphic design, screen printing and 3D design. It’s been fun and is opening a new world of future projects