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  • Holding Steady

    More commercials for social media. More entertainment in tiny bites. It's a tricky balance to keep it interesting and keep it fresh in the social media bedroom. I'll we'll introduce some role play next. There will be some custom painted blanks in the store but you can also still get your own blank to impress [...] Continue Reading
  • 365 days of affordable art still available

    There are still a lot of days left for you if you want something from the 365 drawings project. Just take look in my shop and see what you like or like what you see. I'll try to keep it creative while I'm trying to show off the rest of the drawings. Remember, these come [...] Continue Reading
  • 2 Views 1 Drawing

    I'm working with the idea of giving you two drawings in one. It's taking more of my time to work it out AND create it but I feel that it's worth it. Look at it one way and it's a devil's breath girl with her third eye open to the diamond eyed cobra. Flip it [...] Continue Reading
  • All the kids watch the Youtubes

    This is the beginning I'm trying to post more and use every social media platform available to me. Luckily when I went to school, they taught me a little of each program so I can do things like make videos and commercials for myself. So here's a few of the drawings i've done so far. [...] Continue Reading