100 Days 2017

The 100 Days Project

Well I went and committed to daily project again. My friend Tania was talking to me about this “100 days project”, to keep the creativity flowing. Basically it’s just about committing to working for consecutive days. Life gets in the way sometimes and it’s easy to push aside practice or execution of a skill, so little things like this help TREMENDOUSLY to force repetitive skill making. I wasn’t going to do it  because I didn’t want to keep making skulls…..I mean I DO but I kind of wanted to offer more than that for anyone that is interested in what I’m making here.

So my last minute decision was to work on my typography skills. What typography skills? Exactly. I have none; no education, no understanding of more than “yeah I think this looks cool” …..but then again, besides 3D training, that’s been my entire life path so I know how to drive this vehicle or at least how to go fast enough to let me coast for a while.

In the end I’m going to work on making an honest to goodness font. Something to work towards besides just practicing my hand lettering skills. It may not stand side by side with the revered classics but it will be an accomplishment that didn’t exist before and that’s good enough for me.