Questions and Answers

Recently i was approached to answer a few questions about my artistic process and thought it might give a better insight, for those interested.


What are you doing?
Well I spent the last year creating a customizable “blank” designer toy for artists to paint on and was forced to stop creating art, while this was in development.
So with the need to create still deep in my bones, I decided to create one drawing a day and sell them, to stir the creative process, offer affordable art and fund other artistic capital for traveling and supplies. Kind of my own kickstarter, but i work every day for it.

Does this make you a lot of money?
Not….at … all. it’s good to grow my social media reach and I’m relying on volume not each small sale. With the cost of taxes, shipping and the frame included, I’m not making a lot but if you add all of them up, it’s a good amount to keep the oil in the machine. The fact that I’m offering affordable art is a large part of the reward

Why don’t you call more often?
Well, mother, this does take a large chunk of my time due to creating a new piece of art each day but I promise I’ll find more time to call and come see you.

Did you ever take care of your gout?
Actually yes. I did not see a doctor but i changed my eating habits and have not experienced it again.

Are you ever going to find a girl and settle down?
Well Mother, art is my first passion so I’ll be spending this year prepping some new paintings to offer to a few galleries, to showcase my work but If someone comes a long that understands my work load and doesn’t stab me while I sleep, I’ll let you know.

Why are you in my purse?
I hear the ice cream man. I’ll pay you back, i swear.