Shipping and Handling

Do it yourself kids. Take the reigns and don’t wait for anybody, so you can keep moving forward…….but it doesn’t hurt to rely on someone else.

All of my life i would RATHER just do it myself due to reliance and impatience. I know my schedule and I know when it will get done. No waiting, just working and checking things off of a list as they happen. My sales have been AWESOMELY  steady but not so overwhelming that I can’t handle it.
But as they stay steady, I’m starting to understand the ease of relying on a sorting facility for shipping and handling. For the longest time I NEVER understood those words. I assumed the cost of shipping took care of all of it ( and when you charge that cost, it CAN all be built in) but as I see how much of my time is used for the physical process of shipping and handling, I totally understand the appeal of paying someone to take care of this process.
Though I’m VERY able to do it all myself, my time is better used to create, rather than the business aspect of ……business.
So working for yourself and starting your own business is rewarding, but it does make sense to not do everything yourself. Sometimes it’s smarter to let someone else do something, especially when they might actually be able to do it BETTER and more efficient than you.