365/2 …halfway through a drawing a day


What I’ve learned so far: skulls sell.
I’m half way through the year and I thought I would give some commentary about how it’s going. Also because I hit a wall and felt like I wasn’t reaching my potential. As this was part experiment/part not thinking it through, I was wanting this to take me to a new level of thinking about my art but also felt like making skulls all the time wasn’t going to get me there. It was too easy. I was being too comfortable and not pushing myself. When someone called me out on it, I knew it wasn’t just ME thinking this. So I panicked and thought I wasn’t supposed to make skulls anymore. The problem is, skulls SELL. I’ve had the most success with purchases of the lords of death designs than with my other experiments. Now this may be due to my reach of audience but if that’s what they want, why should I deny them that just because I wasn’t being creative enough to satisfy myself.
So, rather than beat myself up and feel like I haven’t progressed, I elevated my level of thinking to take everything to a different level.
It may just be skulls to some but the lords of death are becoming something else to me. (btw i don’t mean the gang in Big Trouble in Little China)
So go create and become something beautiful……in whatever is beauty to you.
I’ll see you at the finish line.