365 days of art….what have i gotten myself into….

This all started because of a loss. Last year I took on the “Inktober” challenge and created one inked piece of art a day, for the month of October. I carried all the drawings in one sketch pad and when I left my back pack on the train, I lost that sketchpad along with ALL of my collection of pens, pencils and stylus tools. It was devastating.
I couldn’t decide what i was going to do with all the drawings but that was decided for me when I lost them.
I know it sounds very “cry baby” but it was a HUGE loss for me. There were a lot of personal notes for ideas and some inked drawings that NO ONE had seen yet. That was some very personal (and expensive) stuff so I mourned for a while. Then towards the end of the year, I needed to take back that loss and get out of that mode of thinking.
I decided to take that Inktober challenge for the entire year. It came easy to me last year so I decided to push myself and resolve to make each one available for sale. I forced myself to say good bye to each piece of art. No longer would I covet the designs and no longer would I be sad for losing them.

It’s very rewarding and therapeutic but WHEEEWWWWWWW…..it’s a lot more than I anticipated. I really didn’t think it through when I started so seeing the amount of time it’s taking up, is the hurdle I’m having to get over. I won’t complain though because it’s given me a lot to experiment with and the sales are allowing me to pay for bigger adventures like conventions and travel.
I may go into more details as the year progresses but with a new website up and running, I thought this would be a good time to say a few words about it.

So if you’re interested, they’re available here for only $25 and that includes shipping and a frame : store