Social Media

So now what?

Instagram has changed to a different format and it’s left me unfulfilled and wanting. I now know how my ex-wife felt. I was using Instagram as my lead social media format and now that’s it’s different, I’m hardly on it anymore. It’s not the inspiration magnate it once was, for me, anymore.
I’m not being a baby about it (sort of) but I’m all about efficiency and I would use separate feed readers to see more at once. With this new algorithm, all the readers don’t work anymore so I’m stuck scrolling through a single feed and it’s BORING.
Now, that’s my personal feeling about it. The business side of me, feels let down because, unless I pay to be pushed to your feed, I don’t get in front of all of those that have followed me. I mean, I get it, they’re a business and they have to make money but Facebook fell apart for the small business owner and now it feels like my most useful tool has become dull and sullied. I mean the most recent “sponsored” posts (that’s a cute name for commercial) have been for ritz crackers and tide detergent. Tide. Uninspiring and disappointing.
So, it looks like it’s back to trying on every platform. Waving my flag and seeing who notices.