Putty in My Hands

It’s time to take our relationship to a new level. We’re going to experiment with some new things and I want you to feel comfortable. The safe word is Robotoid.
So as you can see, sculpting is coming into the picture. To start off I am investing oil based clay to keep the worry of drying out and decided to buy two different brands to test the quality. Initially this experiment didn’t start this way but I was impatient and bought another.
No Name Clay was the first I thought I would try but with out knowing this, it came from Singapore so deliver was three months long. While I waiting, I decided to go ahead and try the Monster Clay brand as well then the first brand showed up so I thought I might as well get some content out of it and pair them against each other.
First the delivery is a big difference. While the No Name Clay DID say ground deliver could take 7 to 10 weeks, it felt like a lot longer. Monster clay was found locally so there was no wait.
Second difference is the price. No Name Clay cost $25 with shipping for .5 pounds while Monster Clay costs $37 with shipping ($30 for pickup) and is a larger 5 pounds of material.
I’m going to spend some time messing with each and reporting back here with the results so once I LITERALLY get my hands dirty, I’ll give you the scoop