Doing it all yourself – my first Designer Con

Designer Con 2015 is coming up and it’s time to get the plans into action.
Last year was my first time with booth there and it was a great learning experience.

The biggest lesson I learned was don’t do what i did. I went without knowing the audience but now that I know what they want, I’m armed with power and knowledge. I am the many armed Ganesh of selling (minus the elephant head…). Wait no….the Kali idol from Sinbad. That’s cooler and less insulting to someone’s religious beliefs.

When I made my skulls, I intended them to be  a blank canvas toy to be painted, much like a munny by kidrobot. While this is still the plan, I didn’t think about the attendees NOT being designers. So sales of “blanks” were not as in demand as custom painted skulls.
So if you’re a new designer, take customs or finished product. That’s the secret…..I think. I’ll let you know after this year’s convention and we’ll compare results.