Well after doing some sleuthing and digging in the crates, I figured out that Designer Con sold out of their tables in February before they we announced to the public. Good for them to have that much demand to be a part of a wonderful designer toy convention but that means I won’t be there again, this year. 

I attended for two years then couldn’t make my third and THAT’S when I lost my foothold. See, they offer previous sellers tables BEFORE they are open to the public and EVERYONE wants to come back so they instantly sell out before anyone new can get in. It’s an unfortunate loop hole that was supposed to be remedied by moving to a larger convention center but apparently (unless something changes) there are too many artists wanting tables. 

Granted they technically haven’t announced ANYTHING so who knows, they may still be announcing availability. But if they follow the previous pattern, they are too busy getting ready to mention tables.
I have a new toy being released soon that I planned on taking to the convention but now this means that I’ll just be releasing it myself and maybe talking to a gallery/store for the inaugural release. So I’ll be posting new info about it soon.