Cover your shame

Broder Brothers

We finally have women’s size shirts. For the longest time, I only had men’s cut but things are changing. Before, if you wanted shirts, you had to buy dozens at a time and basically SIT on inventory until you moved it. Now that the industry is listening or trying to keep it’s clients happy, there are a lot of places where you can order just a few or even ONE shirt at a time. This means it’s more of an “on demand” fulfillment. I’m still keeping the colors limited to fit the design but at least I can offer a more fitting style for women now. Even the design is a little bit smaller so it all fits together better.

Like everything else, this is all done by me: I burn the screens, I pull the squeegees and I package it all myself to put in your pretty little hands. While I’m still a small enterprise, I still get the enjoyment of making it all for you, myself.
So cover your shame and look good while you’re doing it.