There’s this little project of the Mexic-Arte Museum of Austin that I was lucky to be featured in, called the Changarrito Project. It’s in tradition of small mobile vending carts in Mexico called changarritos. The museum has a permanent cart they offer to artist to show our work: a sort of “mini-residency”.  I was selected to show last year in February so it was before I updated this website and never got around to writing about it.
I set up shop and was outside the museum for two weekends, peddling skulls and a handful of the “drawing a day” project, since I was only few months into it. It was really fun. The weather was beautiful and I met some very nice people. It was nice visiting some friends in Austin and eating all the tacos I could get my hands on while being a part of such a thriving art museum and community
The museum was so nice and really made me feel at home with their efforts to promote a “local community” engagement in the arts. It’s easy to try to bring in “famous” art to promote your gallery but finding local talent speaks volumes to me and many artists I know.
They still have a few of my skulls and art to keep for their Prospective shows, showcasing past Changarrito artists and I’m very proud to be in that select group of talent. So if you’re in Austin, be sure to stop by check out the museum.

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