The Skull – Large 4″x4″ Resin cast Art Toy




This resin cast art toy was all hand made from the 3D design to the rotocasting to the art and printing on the boxes. There was no mass producing across the ocean with slave labor children.
I’m proud to say that each one of these has touched my hands here in DiabloTexas. Because it’s all hand made, there are some slight imperfections and unique nuances to each one so you still get the production quality but still have a personal touch.

I’m offering FREE shipping to the united states for the large and small version but if you order a bunch, i’ll have to double check the gracious fees 🙂 Outside of the U.S. will be $10 shipping and the same goes for mass quantities.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 4 in