• 2017 – Start Something

    Galleries and creations Well the year has taken off and I'm just now talking about it. I guess that's a good thing in that I've been busy......or napping. Either way, it was good to reflect on what I created in 2016 so I check off accomplishments and move forward with new goals and gallery proposals. [...] Continue Reading
  • Holding Steady

    More commercials for social media. More entertainment in tiny bites. It's a tricky balance to keep it interesting and keep it fresh in the social media bedroom. I'll we'll introduce some role play next. There will be some custom painted blanks in the store but you can also still get your own blank to impress [...] Continue Reading
  • Inktober 2016

    Happy Halloween! Are you having a good October? Life gets so busy but I still fit in some time for Inktober. This year the official Inktober is following a list but I’m just making what I want. That’s why I started it in the first place so I’ll just keep making myself happy and see [...] Continue Reading
  • The Antagonistas

    So it's come to this... In a few weeks, myself and some very passionate and very talented friends will have art for you at Neighborhood in the Bishop arts district of Oak Cliff. As artists we are told that we have to meet a certain standard to be considered professional or at a quality level. [...] Continue Reading
  • Social Media

    So now what? Instagram has changed to a different format and it's left me unfulfilled and wanting. I now know how my ex-wife felt. I was using Instagram as my lead social media format and now that's it's different, I'm hardly on it anymore. It's not the inspiration magnate it once was, for me, anymore. [...] Continue Reading
  • Changarrito

    There's this little project of the Mexic-Arte Museum of Austin that I was lucky to be featured in, called the Changarrito Project. It's in tradition of small mobile vending carts in Mexico called changarritos. The museum has a permanent cart they offer to artist to show our work: a sort of "mini-residency".  I was selected [...] Continue Reading
  • Putty in My Hands

    It's time to take our relationship to a new level. We're going to experiment with some new things and I want you to feel comfortable. The safe word is Robotoid. So as you can see, sculpting is coming into the picture. To start off I am investing oil based clay to keep the worry of [...] Continue Reading
  • Cover your shame

    We finally have women's size shirts. For the longest time, I only had men's cut but things are changing. Before, if you wanted shirts, you had to buy dozens at a time and basically SIT on inventory until you moved it. Now that the industry is listening or trying to keep it's clients happy, there [...] Continue Reading
  • 365 days of affordable art still available

    There are still a lot of days left for you if you want something from the 365 drawings project. Just take look in my shop and see what you like or like what you see. I'll try to keep it creative while I'm trying to show off the rest of the drawings. Remember, these come [...] Continue Reading
  • 365 Pieces of my Heart

    It's over. I completed on piece of art every day for 2015 and i couldn't be happier with the results. …..the experience is a different story but we'll get to that in a bit. I'm so very grateful for all the encouragement and support i've received for this project and eternally thankful to all of [...] Continue Reading